• Todd Richter’s Generous Heart

  • Posted on December 20, 2022
  • Todd Richter
    When he became an achieving adult in the financial field, Todd Richter chose to share his success with those who helped bring it to him. He chose to give back to his two alma maters that laid an educational foundation for his career.

    With almost four decades of work behind him including more than 20 years as one of Wall Street’s leading healthcare industry analysts, Richter has amassed some wealth throughout his profession. Recently, he shared that wealth with two colleges to which he attributes that success: the College of William & Mary and the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Richter earned his undergraduate degree from the former in 1979, but it was his time on the Virginia’s school’s golf team that taught him discipline and how to be an effective competitor. In 1981, Richter graduated from the Kelley School with his MBA, but earned an education in the finance department that far exceeded a degree piece of paper.

    For their part in making Todd Richter a success, the financial businessman recently provided $5 million estate commitments to each of the schools and, respectively, those specific aspects that contributed greatly to his career: the golf team and the financial department. These endowments ensure that future students and those leaders providing them with skills and opportunities are set up for success in the same ways that Richter was decades ago.

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